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Arabiqa! Drums and Dances from the Arab World

Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 2:00 pm.

Come travel to the Arab world with Karim Nagi!  With humor, acrobatics, and masterful audience incorporation, Karim introduces us to the wonders of Arab culture. Hear musical instruments such as the Duff, Riqq, Buzuq, Sagat, Mijwiz, and Tabla, and learn about their history. Learn how to wrap a kufiyya headpiece, and then watch – and even dance – some folk dances!  You won’t want to miss this uplifting and energetic show! As an Arab-American, Karim bridges the East-West cultural gap in the most profound yet entertaining way.

Registration is not required for this Friends Children’s Program. Suitable for children in grades K-5, and everyone is welcome.