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Fighting Fake News

Monday, June 15. 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

Fighting Fake News is a hands-on workshop with Lebanon Valley College History Professor, Michael Schroeder. Join us online for virtual program that will help you to develop your ferreting-out-fake-news muscle, which is now a civic survival skill and duty.

Learn to winnow the grains of truth from the chaff of misinformation, disinformation, fabrications, distortions, and lies that are being used to undermine trust, sow divisions, and foment chaos in our country. Bring your critical thinking skills and an open mind, and your laptop or tablet if the program is held at the library.

Register online by June 12 to join the Zoom Call.  Please make sure we have your email.  The Zoom Link will be sent to you the Sunday before the program. It’s ideal to have two devices for this program.  One device to watch Micheal and one device to follow along.