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Learn to Draw; Draw to Learn 2: Drawing in Perspective for Beginners

Tuesday, July 14 and Tuesday, July 21. 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Join Marie Gamon of the Hershey Area Art Association (HAAA) on July 14 & 21 as she walks you through drawing in perspective.  We will practice the basics of Linear Perspective….the Framework of your painting/drawing.  We will tackle perspective from one and two point perspective, and worm’s eye to bird’s eye views.  We will practice making the windows on your building look like they belong there!  Whether you like to be exactly realistic, mildly abstract or somewhere in between this will be a great tool to make your work POP!.  Register online by July 12 at 5pm. 

Price: $30

This will be an on-line virtual class taking place on ZOOM. Students will receive information on how to log on once their registration is complete.

Supplies to have on hand:
1. Pencils (in different hardnesses if you can, not necessary)
2. Several sheets of drawing paper
3. Erasers
4. A box with writing or a design you can draw. You can also use a chair with rungs.