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The U.S. – China Relationship: Heading for War?

Sunday, August 23. 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (VIRTUAL PROGRAM)

Presented by Bob Naeye on Zoom.

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For several decades the Unites States and Chine enjoyed relatively good relations. The two nations linked themselves together through trade and investment, forming an economic partnership known as “Chinamerica.”

As a Hershey resident Robert Naeye will explain, China’s aggressive behavior has deep historical roots. For much of world history, China was the per-eminent power in Asia. But China often fell into prolonged periods of internal disunity and government collapse, which made it easy prey for foreign domination. For China’s communist party, the message was clear: It must assert total authority over its territory. China has cracked down on it Tibetan and Muslim minorities, denying them even the most basic human rights. It has reneged on treaty obligations to preserve Hong Kong’s special status. During this the US has been declining in relative power and influence, beset with deep internal division and contradictions.

Robert Naeye is an award-winning freelance journalist based in Derry Township. He has visited China and Hong Kong and is an avid reader of world history and current affairs. His is a member of the Foreign Policy Association of Harrisburg. His website is www.robertnaeye.com