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Dungeons & Dragons Made Simple

Friday, February 26. 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Cabin Fever? Feeling frustrated with the people you live with? Well, we have a plan! Aly and Ms. Rita will guide you through how to be the family’s DM (Dungeon Master). But don’t worry, there are no Giants, Orcs, or Elf Bards with Healing Powers; unless you want them. Aly and Ms. Rita will help you create a world using what you have and transforming your living room, kitchen, garage, etc into a new campaign. Collect your stuffed animals, action figures, a few pens and something hard to write on. Gather everyone in your home that’s old enough to realize dice are not candy.

The first 10 families who register for this program can pick up a set of Dice, character sheets, and dice bag. Even without these on hand playing is possible and encouraged. See you in the realm.

Register online for this Family Program. Join this program on our Facebook page and the library’s YouTube programming channel.