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Local Author Spotlight

Local Author Spotlight in July presents Hillary B. Marotta.

Books by Hillary B. Marotta:

Head and Heart: how to run a smart and compassionate nonprofit  658 MAR (Local Author Shelf)

Playing My Heart Out  B MAR (Local Author Shelf)

Hillary Marotta is an author, speaker, musician, and native of Hershey. She has been mesmerized by music almost all of her life but fell in love with ringing handbells under Dr. William Payn’s baton at Bucknell University, which is the basis of her second best-selling book, Playing My Heart Out: One Ringer’s Passion for Handbells. In this part-memoir, part-love letter, Hillary shares a lighthearted, intimate look at the world of handbells and the heart-tugging stories of adventures and emotions handbells have led her through as well as the life lessons she learned along the way.

Hillary’s first best-seller focuses on her career as a nonprofit specialist. Head and Heart: How to Run a Smart and Compassionate Nonprofit focuses on taking one’s passion for helping others and combining it with the realism and strategy of the for-profit sector to create successful, enduing nonprofit organizations. Hillary consults with several nonprofits in Central Pennsylvania and beyond and speaks on the keys to nonprofit success, including guest lecturing at Bucknell University.

Through a heart-centered lens, Hillary’s writing offers stories to educate, share experiences, and inspire others to find their passions and form meaningful connections in their lives. You can find Hillary at hillarymarotta.com and on Facebook at Hillary Marotta Author.

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