Online Learning through the Web

Access free and unrestricted online learning when you create an account and log in, or register for a course on the websites below. Only requirement is access to the Internet.

Code AcademyCoursera
Learn to code for free at Code Academy.Take courses from top universities online for free.
DuolingoGCF LearnFree
Select a language to learn. French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish and more. Go at your own pace; from beginner level to more advanced.Easy-to-follow tutorials on Microsoft Excel, Word, and Office, as well as Internet Basics, social media, and more. GCF LearnFree also offers free tutorials in math and reading.
Khan AcademyUdacity
From K-12. Math by grade, Science & Engineering, Arts & Humanities, Computing, Economics & Finance, test prep & college admissions.Take world-class courses with students from around the globe at Udacity. Earn nano degrees!