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RBDigital Help & FAQs

What is RBdigital?

RBdigital offers magazines through a single platform for computers and available via a free RB Digital mobile app for Apple devices, Android devices, and Kindle Fire.

How do I access magazines on my computer?

Visit https://hersheylibrarypa.rbdigital.com/ You do not need any software or an app to experience RB Digital magazines on a Windows or MAC computer. Once you have checked out an item, read a magazine in the web browser.

How long is a magazine lending period?

Once downloaded in the mobile app or to you computer, you may keep a magazine forever.

How do I create an Account?

We recommend creating an account on your first visit to your library’s RBdigital website. Select the “Register” link in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Fill in the information requested by your library. Enter a user name without any spaces (i.e. user123). Passwords must be at least four characters long and can contain both numbers and letters. Passwords are case sensitive. Usernames are not. If you need further information for creating an account, check with library staff.

Can I change my email address?

Yes. You can change your email address on the “My Profile” page. You can get to the “My Profile” page by clicking the three-lined “Menu” icon at the top-left side of the RBdigital website and then clicking on “My Account/Profiles” menu page on the RBdigital browser site (email changes are not available within the apps.) Next, click on the “edit” icon next to “Email Address,” enter the new email address, confirm the new email address, and click the save button.

Can I use my email address for more than one account?

Only one email address may be used for one account at your library. However, you can use the same email address to create an account at another library.

Do I need a library card number to checkout a title?

Yes, a Hershey Public Library card beginning with 2901.

Is my password the same as my PIN?

You can select your own password as long as it is at least four characters long.

How do I search for magazines?

Click the search icon at the top right of the page and select your desired magazine. Type in your terms to search by Keyword or Title, and click the search button or use the Advanced Search fields to perform a detailed search.

Where can I see my checked-out titles on the Website?
Your checked-out titles are displayed under the three-lined “Menu” icon in the “Checked Out” section. If you do not see all your titles, click the arrow on the far right of the title images to scroll through additional checked-out titles.

How do I find my checkout history?

The titles you have checked out can be found in the three-lined “Menu” icon under the “History” section, which shows the last six titles checked out. To see your entire history, click the “Explore” button.

Only online magazines are available at the Hershey Public Library.