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The Grotesque 10: Amazing Architectural Sculpture from Ten American Colleges & Universities

Sunday, November 15. 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. VIRTUAL PROGRAM.

Please register online. A link to Zoom will b sent to participants once your regsitration is confirmed.

Presented by Matthew Duman. Armed with only a camera, a sense of humor and a host of frequent flyer miles, Mathew Duman embarked on a “grotesque safari”, traveling to 10 universities around the country to photograph the unique grotesques and gargoyles roosting on their academic buildings. Mathew found that this sculpture makes its home within a style of architecture known as Collegiate Gothic which was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. He has collected his findings in his book called: “The Grotesque 10: Amazing Architectural Sculpture from Ten American Colleges and Universities “ and presents a selection in this illustrated lecture, giving you a taste of the variety of ornament, history and humor these campuses have to offer.

The grotesque 10 schools are:

• Yale University
• Trinity College in Hartford, Ct.
• Bryn Mawr College
• The City College of New York
• Duke University
• Northwestern University
• Princeton University
• The University of Chicago
• The University of Pennsylvania
• Washington University in St. Louis

Mathew Duman Bio

Mathew Duman is a photographer, author and graphic designer who grew up in Bethany, Connecticut. He attended the gargoyle-free campus of Central Connecticut State University. but while studying abroad, he developed a fascination with the grotesque sculptures of the cathedrals of Britain. In addition to England, Matt has made photographic trips to Italy, Africa, Australia & New Zealand. As a personal project, he began exploring the variety of sculpture found on the buildings of Yale University & published a book called “An Education in the Grotesque”, containing his findings at Yale and has now turned his sights on the sculpture at other campuses around the US.