Borrowing Tech Equipment


You will require a cable to hook up lap tops to the AV system. The Hershey Public Library has loaner HDMI and VGA cables to allow you to use the system. Most newer laptops will use the HDMI cord. Older laptops may have to use a VGA cord to connect. If you have an Apple laptop you will also need an “adapter” which allows you to connect the Apple laptop to the cable so you  can use the system.

Please speak to a staff member at the front desk to sign out a bag containing cables and adapters that work with your device. Available upon request is an HDMI cable along with an Apple connector, and a VGA to HDMI converter/adapter to connect an older Microsoft computer (that has no HDMI output) to our AV system.  Borrowers will need to sign the sheet and bring the bag back with the devices at the end of the meeting.

Mobile Device Charging Cables

If your smartphone or tablet battery charge is low, we have cables and adapters at the front desk that you sign out to borrow to charge your android or Apple  (iOS) device while inside the library.

Kill a Watt Electricity Monitor

The Hershey Public Library has a monitor patrons may check out with a library card. This device is a public service supplied by PP&L and is provided by the Library to help our patrons save money. It monitors electric consumption. Displays eight critical units of measurement.

Mobile Hotspots

Did you know we have Mobile Hotspots that provide Internet on the go? If you, or somebody you know doesn’t have a data plan, why rely on public hotspots when you bring your own Wi-Fi with you, wherever you go? Check out a Mobile Hotspot with your library card. Please note the following:

  • $1.50/day fine
  • $100 replacement fee
  • Up to 10 devices can connect to a Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited data

Memory Card Reader

Do you have a device that uses a memory card and you need to access the data? You may sign out to borrow a memory card reader at the front desk to connect to a computer to use while inside the library.

C-Pen Text to Speech Reader

The Hershey Public Library has a device available for patrons to borrow with a library card. It is a portable scanning pen which reads printed text out loud using an embedded camera, a real-time optical character recognition and natural voice text to speech. Not only does the reader pen read text out loud, it can look up words in a dictionary and show definitions. It can scan and save text and upload the text file via USB to a computer to be retrieved and listened to later. It even has a voice memo function. This tool is helpful to those who suffer from reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.