701 Cocoa Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033

(717) 533-6555 library@derrytownship.org

Contact a Staff Member


Library Director: Laura O’Grady. lauraogrady@derrytownship.org

Assistant Director: Jeff Cothren. jlcothre@derrytownship.org

Public Services Manager: Amanda Eachus. amandeachus@derrytownship.org

Adult Programming Manager: Alison Tran. atran@derrytownship.org

Library Resource Manager: Julie Brnik. jebrnik@derrytownship.org

Children’s and Teen Librarian: Rita Smith. ritahuntsmith@derrytownship.org

Interlibrary Loan Department: Denise Phillps. denisephillips@derrytownship.org

PR/Marketing Specialist and Webmaster: Heather Mahraj. hmahraj@derrytownship.org


Other Contacts – please call the main library line at 717-533-6555, then enter an extension when prompted:

Library Director (Laura O’Grady): x3715

Assistant Director (Jeff Cothren): x3720

Public Services Desk: x3702

Public Services Manager (Amanda Eachus): x3724

Help Desk: x3706

Library Resource Manager: (Julie Brnik): x3717

Children’s Librarian (Rita Smith): x3707

Adult Programming Manager: (Alyson Tran) x3725

Interlibrary Loan (Denise Phillips) : x3723

PR/Marketing Specialist and Webmaster: (Heather Mahraj): x3701