DVD Collection Development Policy

The Hershey Public Library DVD/Blu Ray collection is a popular and heavily-used service. The check out limit for each family member is 10.

Hershey Public Library will concentrate on educational and instructional DVDs that are not readily available in commercial retail outlets. Educational and instructional DVDs on all subjects will be considered as needed to meet patron demand and need, and collection integrity.

Reviews, awards, and screenings will be used to make selection decisions. Feature films, especially new releases, are specialties of DVDs merchants and will be a secondary priority. Priority for feature films will be on family films and those related to literature, history, or educational themes. Feature films will be purchased at sell-thru, home release, or pre-owned prices. New release DVDs at high prices (greater than $50.00) should not be purchased until prices drop. X-rated films will not be purchased. R-rated films will be considered on the basis of reviews, awards, or other merits.

DVDs costing more than $100.00 should be considered carefully due to the potential for theft and/or undue patron hardship in event of damage or loss.

All donations are subject to the same criteria. Library staff reserve the right to add or reject addition of a donation to the collection. Unless otherwise specified, donations not placed in the collection will be sold in the Friends booksale.