Hershey Library Endowment Trust

About the Endowment Trust

The Endowment is a fund that was created in 1985. Friends of the Hershey Public Library acted as settlor to the Agreement of Trust, establishing the Endowment. They continue in their role by annually appointing the Endowment Trustees and overseeing the actions of the board.

What can I donate to the Endowment?

The Endowment can accept or arrange gifts such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Appreciated securities, bonds, or closely held stock
  • Wills/Bequests
  • Life Insurance
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Other estate plans recommended by your attorney or financial advisor

How can I make a gift to the Endowment Trust?

Contact Library Director Alison Jacobine at 717-533-6555, x3715 or ajacobine@derrytownship.org

Before making a gift, consult with your financial advisor or attorney about tax implications and gifts, investments, and estate plans that can maximize the benefits of the contribution. Gift Acceptance Policy.

A $5,000 gift or more is named on a lobby plaque. We can work with donors who are interested in landscape, book or furnishings gifts.

Are any other donations possible?

The Library also has a Tribute Book Program. Funds are used to purchase books or media in someone’s name. A personalized bookplate is placed on the items. Landscape and other commemorative gifts are available. Donations to the Friends can be made at any time.

Use of Endowment Funds

According to the Agreement of Trust, the principal is maintained in perpetuity with the income to be used for the Endowment’s stated purposes. A gift of $15,000 was made to the Capital Campaign for furnishings for the new facility, opened in 1997. After 30 years growth, the Endowment, more recently, has supported author visits, music events and service enhancements including:

  • A new teen area
  • An improved story time area
  • A reading garden
  • Improved checkout area.
  • An Internet upgrade increasing speed and access to online services

Why Donate?

There are many tax advantages, including income, gift and estate charitable tax deductions. For example, it may be possible to avoid capital gains taxes when you donate actual stock instead of the cash from a stock sale, or your will bequest can be deductible from the taxable portion of your estate.
In addition, donors who set up gift annuities or similar funds can actually receive income from their investment while benefiting the Library at the same time.
In each case, your gift will make a long-term contribution to a valuable community resource.

Why does the Endowment need to grow?

  • To expand the library’s building usefulness and available materials.
  • To meet the demand for new media formats.
  • To adapt to rapidly changing Information technology and Internet based resources.
  • To realize future uses of the library as a destination and resource.
  • To provide enhanced educational and cultural programs for adults, teens, and children.

To contact the Hershey Library Endowment Trust, please send an e-mail to library@derrytownship.org

Endowment Governance

The trust is managed by an Endowment Board of Trustees, appointed by the Board of the Friends of the Hershey Public Library in accordance with the Endowment’s Agreement of Trust.

The Endowment funds are managed by a professional investment firm, Bryn Mawr Trust Company.


Appointed Positions

Jordan A. Yeagley (Chair)

Ann Zaprazny (Vice-Chair)

Tracy Burke (Treasurer)

Peter Gawron

Martha Brown

Bruce Hancock

Matthew Silvis, M.D.

Darby Valego

Kathy Miller

Standing Positions

Alison Jacobine, Director of Library Services

Sue Kreider, President HPLB

Carin Kaag, President of Friends of the Library

Chris Abruzzo, Supervisor, Township of Derry

Bryn Mawr Trust Officers: (Non-voting)

Andy Keefer

Jesse Ashcroft