How Do I Get a Library Card?

In order to borrow materials, please present a valid library card. This may be a physical card or one scanned into a mobile device. CardstarStocard and Key Ring are compatible mobile apps from the Apple App Store and Google play that work with our system.

Derry Township residents must present a current PA driver’s license or PA ID. An additional proof of address is needed such as a utility bill or a bank statement if the address on the photo ID is incorrect. Only in-person applications are accepted.

Residents from any Pennsylvania community participating in the Access PA program may borrow from the Hershey Public Library. Borrowers must show a PA license or ID card with a current name and address. If a borrower does not have an ID with a current address, the borrower must produce an official proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement with name and current address. A borrower has the option of using their home library card to register as a member at HPL or purchasing a HPL card for $5. A photo ID confirming a current address is required to register out-of-town borrowers.

The Hershey Public Library will only issue cards to patrons who reside or pay property taxes in Pennsylvania.

Children under the age of 18 may obtain their own card when accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult with the required identification. The consenting adult assumes all legal responsibility for any charges the minor may incur a fee. Lost cards may be replaced for a $5.00.

Borrowing Materials

A library is a cooperative effort and everyone benefits if all members participate fairly.
We ask you to consider the following:

  • Please treat your library card seriously, like a credit card!
  • Don’t allow anyone else to borrow items on your card- you are financially responsible for them.
  • Please return items on time and in good condition.