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InterLibrary Loan (Items from Other Libraries)

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If you haven’t found what you want in the Hershey Library Catalog, our interlibrary loan service (ILL) may be able to borrow an item for you from another library. Requests may be submitted electronically by using the:

Interlibrary Loan Book and Media Request Form – for books, audiobooks on CD,  MP3 audiobooks, music on CD, and DVDs.

Interlibrary Loan Article Request Form – if you want a magazine/periodical article.

All items requested via these forms must be picked up at the Hershey Public Library. Questions not answered below, should be directed to the Interlibrary Loan Department via email or by calling 533-6555 extension 3723.

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service which enables materials from one library to be borrowed by a patron at another library. It is a privilege extended to library users through the voluntary cooperation of libraries and its success depends on responsible use by all parties. Although originally developed as a tool for researchers, any patron in good standing may use this service to request material not owned by the Hershey Public Library.

Please Note: Interlibrary loan materials may only be checked out on the card of the patron whose name appears on the request form. This card must be presented at the circulation desk in order to pick up interlibrary loan materials. We are unable to make exceptions to this policy. Please read the library’s Interlibrary Loan Policy document.


What is interlibrary loan (ILL)? 

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service which enables materials from one library to be borrowed by a patron at another library. It is a privilege extended to library users through the voluntary cooperation of libraries and its success depends on responsible use by all parties.

Who may use ILL service?

Anyone who is a registered borrower in good standing at the Hershey Public Library may use this service.

What items are available through ILL?

Although ILL was developed as a tool for researchers, requests are accepted for most items not owned by the Hershey Public Library, including books, magazine articles, audiobooks, videos, music cassettes and CDs. Resources for borrowing audiovisual materials are limited however and such items may not be obtainable through ILL. Libraries generally do not lend reference materials, current bestsellers, rare or valuable items and items from special collections. Books published within the last 6 months may not be requested. A maximum of 5 requests per week per patron may be placed; only 1 request for multiple-disc DVD sets may be placed per week. Please check the Hershey Library Catalog to make sure the item is not owned by this library before placing a request.

Are magazines available through ILL?

Most libraries will not lend entire magazines, but may provide photocopies of individual articles for a fee. When requesting magazine articles, patrons are responsible for photocopying charges of at least $.10 per page. Because many libraries impose a minimum photocopying fee of $5.00 to $20.00 per article, maximum charges you are willing to pay must be included on request forms before requests can be processed. We will always, however, attempt to fill requests at the least possible cost.

How much does ILL cost?

Most usual fees associated with ILL service, such as database searching and shipping, are paid by the library. Borrowers are responsible for any unusual fees charged by the lending library but will be contacted for approval before such items are requested. Borrowers are also responsible for any charges incurred for lost or damaged items for overdue charges at a cost of $1.00 per item per day and for photocopying fees where applicable.

How do I request materials through interlibrary loan?

If you have not found the item you need in the Hershey Library Catalog, you may submit an electronic request form. Please provide as much information as possible to help us identify the specific item you are seeking. Many full-text magazine and journal articles can be found in the P.O.W.E.R. libraryIf the article you want is not available in this database, you may submit a magazine article request form. Lending libraries require a complete citation to process periodical requests; forms should include the date, volume and issue number of the individual magazine in which the article can be found, as well as the page numbers of the specific article. Paper forms are also available at the library and may be dropped off at the main desk.

Do I have to know which library owns the item before placing a request?

No. The Hershey Public Library is a member of the Access Pa Database Project and OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) and uses these resources to locate materials for ILL borrowers.

What if I need information on a particular subject but don’t have an exact title?

Complete titles are required for processing Interlibrary loan requests. To locate a specific title on a subject, the Access Pa Database is available through the P.O.W.E.R. library at the Hershey Library website or you may ask for assistance at the reference desk of the library.

What if I no longer need an item I requested?

BORROWERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR READING THE Interlibrary Loan Policy document. A fee of $2.50 or $5:00 (depending on the lending library) for non-pickup of the requested items will be charged to your account. Please call the Interlibrary loan librarian (717-533-6555, extension 3723) immediately should requested materials no longer be needed. If the request can be cancelled before the items are sent by the lending library, this fee will be waived.

How long will it take to receive my book?

Delivery of ILL items can take from 1 – 6 weeks depending on the location of the book, its availability at the lending library and the lending library’s response time.

How will I know when my materials arrive?

Patrons will be notified by telephone when materials are ready to be picked up at the library. While library staff will attempt to speak directly with the borrower, it is often necessary to leave a message either with another individual answering at the number listed on the request form, or on an answering machine. We recommend that messages be checked regularly as we are unable to request a previously received item for a period of six months. Patrons will also be notified if we are cannot obtain an item. At this time we are unable to offer email notification.

How long may I keep ILL items?

The loan period for all ILL materials is determined by the lending library, generally from 2 – 6 weeks.

What if I’m not finished with the item by its due date?

Because most libraries already give extended due dates to interlibrary loan materials, renewal requests are not encouraged. For unusual circumstances, contact the ILL librarian (533-6555, extension 3723) with requests for extended borrowing at least 3 days, but preferably 5 days, prior to the due date. Renewals will ONLY be processed between Monday and Friday. Renewal requests may only be made through the Hershey Public Library’s interlibrary loan department who will communicate with the lending library. Renewals are granted solely at the discretion of the library owning the item. If an item is marked NO RENEWALS the lending library will not extend its loan period and renewals may not be requested for any reason.