Parent Library Cooperation Guidelines

The Hershey Public Library welcomes and encourages community members of all ages to take advantage of the many resources the library has to offer. In order to provide the best possible library experience for our customers, we ask parents to follow these guidelines for Parent-Library Cooperation:

  • We expect all children under the age of 12 to be supervised by an individual 14 or older while visiting the library.
    Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior in the library. Disruptive children are defined as children who talk loudly, run, are disrespectful toward others, or mistreat library property. Disruptive children, attended or unattended, may be asked to leave the library after one warning.
  • We expect all children and teens to use appropriate language and behavior in the library. Those who do not will be asked to leave after one warning.
    We expect parents to maintain control of their children while visiting the library. Please remember that the library staff’s professional services do not include baby-sitting.
  • We expect parents to set reasonable time limits for their children’s library visits.
    Library staff members cannot be responsible for the safety, care, supervision or entertainment of children, who, on a regular basis, are required by parents to spend hours in the library after school in lieu of daycare.
    In order to provide for the general welfare for all persons using the library, and to provide for the general safety of children using the library, each child should know his/her full name, address, and telephone number and the name and phone number of a responsible adult to contact if the parent cannot be reached. The child should be introduced to the children’s librarian and other library staff members so he/she feels comfortable approaching them with a problem.
    If an unattended child is being disruptive, is habitually left unattended for long periods or time, or is deemed to be at risk of coming to harm, an effort will be made to locate the responsible parent, guardian, or caregiver. If necessary, Derry Township Police will be notified to take custody of the child.
  • We expect parents to let us know if they or their children are unable to find the type of materials they seek.
    We welcome suggestions for materials that will broaden our collections or improve our service.
  • We expect parents to be responsible for the types of materials checked out by their children and their selection choices.
    The library staff does not limit choices or censor materials.
  • We expect parent’s to see that overdue fines are paid promptly. Parents are financially responsible for damages to library materials or property incurred by their children.